Too many web comics out there focus on profanity, violence, and nudity and too many shows for kids have no intention of teaching them anything.

The goal of this web comic is to create an interactive web comic for kids to read and enjoy. The interactivity comes from the games that kids can play while reading the comic (each page has a star to find). Kids can also print out each page to color. Even the updates are in favor for a younger audience. It will only update between June and August (roughly summer vacation) and only on Wednesdays to teach young comic readers that new comics hit book shelves on this day every week at your local comic book shops.

Fred is a character I created a long time ago and this is the first time that I’ve used him in such a public way.

I hope that you (no matter how old you are) enjoy reading this comic.

-Jimmy Purcell.

“Book of Red” is a story about kids finding adventures by diving into books. Literally! A friend, named Fred, shows them a library filled with special books. Inside each book is a magical world based on a general theme (grammar, art, etc). While exploring the world within the book with their new found friend Fred, the kids will learn the skills they will need to complete their task in the book as well as helpful lessons to use when they get back home.  But there is an underlining threat building in the background. Beware the book of red!

Jimmy Purcell was born and raised in the Inland Empire of Southern California. It was early in his academic career that he fell in love with cartooning, much to the disdain to every teacher who struggled for his attention. With degrees in fine arts and a certificate in Journalism, Jimmy works as a freelance artist/illustrator.